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Video Surveillance: A Mirror Revealing Human Ugliness

Please click image to watch video (may be too disturbing for some viewers).

“Seven minutes, 18 passersby, and not one person decided to lift a finger. The only Good Samaritan, as it turned out, was a trash collector. Somewhere in here is a parable of life.”

The following story made us completely heart sick and horrified. Last week, a toddler, Yue Yue, is caught on surveillance being crushed by not one, but two vehicles and then ignored by 18 passerby. She lay in the street fighting for her life, while pedestrians and motorists walked on by. The toddler was eventually pulled away by a woman, who screamed for help.

Pictured: Yue Yue's mother upon arrival at the scene of the accident.

They were able to track down Yue Yue parent’s in their nearby shop, but was it too late? Yue Yue was rushed to the hospital, suffering brain trauma. She was pronounced dead just a few short days later. The two men suspected of the hit and run were arrested.

This story makes us question humanity. Who would let a child suffer like that? This is a human life.

The sad thing is, this is not the first time we have seen evidence of a complete disregard of human life and compassion. In 2008, a 78 year old man, Angel Arce Torres, was struck in traffic, and left to die. No one bothered to help him.

Click image to watch

In the above surveillance video, this neighborhood was notorious for crime, and apparently, no one wanted to get involved. What kind of excuse is this? Why would we not help our children, our elderly? Video surveillance is not only a silent witness, but also a mirror revealing human ugliness. It’s about time we stop being such self absorbed, cruel, repulsive and heartless individuals and help those in need. You never know when one day it may be you, your child, or loved one.

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