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Security Industry Has A Busy Summer Ahead: The Games and Chicago G8/NATO Summit!

England is preparing for the “big sporting event” (due to heavy rules and regulations, we can not mention the event), while Chicago is preparing for the G8 Summit. This is going to be a very security heavy summer.

Officials in Chicago have not quite revealed all security plans for the upcoming Summit in May, perhaps with fears of terrorist attacks, riots or protesters, but the city can certainly learn from the UK.

Pictured: London Emergency services test the response to a terrorist incident set during the Olympic and Paralympic Games - Photo credit: Home Office

England expects to host to millions of spectators, athletes and fans this coming July. This past week, a “major two-day exercise” had been conducted “to test the response of the Government and the emergency services”, if a terrorist incident happens to occur.

This test, nicknamed “Forward Defensive”, ensures that police, emergency services, Government agencies, etc. are in the right places, understand how each other operates, and are communicating efficiently. Metropolitan Police Service assistant commissioner Chris Allison said, “Testing and exercising is vital for getting our safety and security operations for the Games right.”

Security for the Games is being designed to leave a lasting and positive legacy by:

  • making communities more resilient against crime and the threat from violent extremism
  • improving relationships between the police and other security agencies
  • providing experience and knowledge that will help make other major sporting events even safer
 We certainly hope Chicago takes note of this vigorous testing, exercising and plans for the “what ifs”. In Chicago, “chief planner of the summits virtually snapped at reporters who asked about that risk” of violent protests and the threat of terrorism. Although Chicago has assured the public that “comprehensive, aggressive, innovative security measures are being planned”, we have yet to learn about any real testing in the city.

CBS correspondents claim the committee is focusing on the “rewards of the two summits, rather than the potential risk of what’s traditionally been a trouble-plagued event” and “feel the risk of violent demonstrations during the summits has been overstated”. The risk that demonstrators will outnumber the guests (and other risks) are being referred to as “the elephant in the room”.

Click to play video.

It appears that security is going to be thoroughly prepared, but do you think Chicago is ready?

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