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10 Tips to Save Energy & Money!

Do you believe in global warming? It is often something we debate at VinTech, and we wonder where you stand on this important issue?

According to The Guardian, “The scientific evidence that humanity is having an effect on the climate is overwhelming and increasing every year.

Which brings me on to the question, should you believe in climate change? The first point to make is that it’s not something you should believe or not believe in – this is a matter of science and therefore of evidence – and there’s lots of it out there. On an issue this important, I think people should look at that evidence and make their own mind up. We are often very influenced by our own personal experience.

Long-term changes in our climate system have been observed across the globe, from shifts in rainfall patterns to a decline in Arctic sea-ice. The changes follow the pattern of expected climate change and bear the fingerprint of human influence, providing the clearest evidence yet that human activity is impacting our climate. The rate of warming and ice melt varies and some regions warm faster while others don’t warm at all for a while. Again, it’s the big picture that’s important.”

VinTech thinks about the “big picture”- often. We care deeply about the environment, and have just started working with an energy consulting company. We’re excited by this partnership as we will be able to help our clients save on their energy bills by installing the right LED lighting for you!

In addition to LED lighting, here are 10 tips that will help you save energy and money!

1. LED lighting is paving the way for energy savings. To read all the wonderful reasons why we love LED lighting, make sure to check out our previous blog!

2. Unplug small electrical devices after use, such as a phone charger. These devices use a small amount of electricity, but all of these energy suckers can add up to a significant amount over time.

3. Electrical devices still consume a considerable amount of energy called “leakage currents” when plugged in and not in use, such as a TV, microwave oven, computer, etc. Instead of having to unplug each and every device after use, invest in a few power strips with on/off switches per outlet.

4. The A/C is another huge energy consumer. Invest in a thermostat that can be programmed around your schedule, or simply adjust the temperature before leaving the house. Another valuable energy saving tip for the A/C is to change the filter monthly. A clogged filter will cause the air conditioner to run less efficiently, therefore, driving up your energy costs.




5. Air leaks are another culprit of energy waste. Make sure to properly insulate all windows and doors to save on heating and air conditioning costs. Sunlight that seeps into your home can also heat it up, triggering the A/C. Use thermal curtains to reflect sunlight back out.

6.  Paint your roof white. A flat white reflects sunlight back, thus reducing heat absorbed by your roof, ceilings and interior, which can eventually heat up the whole space.

7. Wash your dishes and clothes in cold water. Using cold water can reduce your energy bill by hundreds.

8. Conserve energy outdoors by shutting down all non-essential lighting except for security lighting.

9. Install lighting sensors to conserve even more energy. If you are installing a motion sensor with a fluorescent light, be sure there are long periods of time that the light will be on or off. If it is constantly switching, your ballast will burn out quicker and you will loose any cost savings or energy efficiency.

10. For spaces with EXIT signs, convert to LED. It will reduce maintenance, lamp purchase and labor for up to 20 years.

“Given the overwhelming evidence for man-made climate change, it could be argued that it shouldn’t be necessary to keep going over old ground to prove it time after time. In fact, it’s essential we move on and focus on the future, because climate change will pose challenges for humanity.”

For any questions about conserving energy or LED security lighting at your home or business, contact VinTech today!


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