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Give the Gift of Security this Season!

We’re decorating our Christmas tree and reflecting on one of our favorite holidays. (Check out our tree to the left!)

Christmas is definitely the best time of the year. As we celebrate this wonderful holiday, we appreciate a house full of family, friends and thoughtful presents.

What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received? If you’re tired of thinking what to give this year, we have some ideas for you! Think about it- what’s most important to us? Our loved ones, right? Therefore, we want them to be protected, especially at home.

Unfortunately, burglars also love this season. In fact, according to the FBI, there will be more than 400,000 burglaries during this holiday season across America. Why? Burglars know that there are high-priced gifts, or there is no one at home.

Burglars are smart. They like to visit properties they can easily access, and where no one can see them. For more insight about how a burglar thinks, read about all the things burglars won’t tell you, directly from their own mouth!

So, how do we prevent a visit from burglars? And how can we protect our loved ones as a gift?

Every year we give out tips for protecting your homes and valuables. As mentioned in our previous blog , a strategy like layering your home security systems works more effectively than having only one alarm system or surveillance system.

As a reminder, layering your defenses deters break-ins, as the burglars won’t want to spend time on a property that is difficult to access.

Here are the deals!

Gift 1 – Burglar Alarm System with Home Automation Functions

In addition to the standard burglar alarm system (door contacts, motion sensors, glass breaks, etc.), technologies nowadays allow us to tie the lighting, thermostat and even doors in one single application. How easy and convenient! Don’t leave any clues that your home is empty. Light up your rooms, and even Christmas trees, to show signs of activity inside your homes.

 Gift 2 – Video Surveillance

“Who’s at my front door? I can check it right away with my mobile device. Oh, that’s just our cleaning lady. Let me remotely open the door for her.” Never open the door without knowing who’s there. With a quality video surveillance system, you can remotely monitor your home and your valuables. Who took our beautiful Christmas decoration on the front porch? Now I know who with my vigilant surveillance system!

Isn’t it cool to give a quality security gift to your loved ones? We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!


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