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Parking Lot CCTV Fail

A reckless driver was captured on surveillance camera crashing into 3 cars (for no apparent reason) and taking off at a railway station parking lot in England.

“A lot of car parks do warn “leave at your own risk”, but is it really any good having CCTV footage that shows what happened, but does not show enough detail to do anything about it?” We agree!

Although the video captured above is clear, the footage was not detailed enough for the British Transport Police to get any leads, such as being able to read a license plate or being able to identify the driver.

If your car was smashed while left unattended, wouldn’t you want to trust a company to properly monitor their property and be able to help you?

2-1-4Shown to the left is an example taken from one of our security cameras. Although the majority of the plate is blurred for protecting the driver’s privacy, one number was left to show how clearly our cameras can pinpoint crucial details, such as a license plate.

It’s a shame to have an expensive surveillance camera system, and not be able to fully utilize it when you REALLY need it. ¬†You never know when one of your cameras may record a crime. Perhaps you just need to reposition the camera’s perspective, clean the housing, or get a small upgrade. You have questions? We have your security answers.

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