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Is there difference in Service?

Customer Service is key to any business.  Security is no exception; in fact, the bar of acceptance should in most cases be raised.   It’s not like you’re returning a shirt because the color didn’t match.   Yet, we find more and more evidence that Customer Service is propagated / marketed and falls short on delivery.

We all agree it takes more time / money to obtain a “NEW” customer than servicing /satisfying current customers.  Some even put the figure @ for every $1 lost the true cost is $33.00.   You would think at that price CS would be off the charts, but it’s not.

One reason is many business models are based on volume.   This occurs where the focus is catching more fish will cover for those that die,   which may look good on paper, but has catastrophic repercussions.   Unfortunately, this far telling fact only reveals itself after a problem exists.

VinTech grows its business with customer referrals.   That puts a greater responsibility on us, as a company, to fulfill the concerns of security, not only for the referral, but the client recommending us.   Give us call today and find out why customers recommend us.

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