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Lock Bumping

Ever heard of the technique called lock bumping?

The frightening facts:

-Lock bumping can open 90+% of American homes which use an old style cylinder lock which is vulnerable to a lock bumping key.

-Your home’s door lock can even be bumped by a 10 year old child.

-Anyone can make bump keys in 5 minutes or less.

-When a lock bumping key is used to break into your house,  there is no sign of a forced entry or damage to the lock. This makes the insurance companies very leery in paying for the claim. You could lose everything and not get compensated because of a lock bumping key.

-With the digital underworld abuzz about this new home security threat, safety experts say it’s time to protect yourself against lock bumping and bump keys.

Click here to watch a demonstration of lock bumping: Lock Bumping

How can you protect your home and loved ones?

Update your locks with a high security residential deadbolt.

Features & Benefits:

-Bolt mechanism designed to accommodate both mortise and drive-in applications, which provide greater flexibility and ease of installation.

-Solid brass collar spins under pressure to prevent wrench attacks.

-Steel shroud over bolt protects against “ice pick” type attacks.

-High security strike plate has a special box design with 2” screws that anchor the strike directly to the building structure behind the frame, preventing “kick-in” type attacks.

-Hardened steel bolt and bolt throwing mechanism are surrounded by a heavy-gauge tubular steel housing for maximum resistance to crowbar attacks.

-Solid brass design is secured with high-tensile steel mounting bolts for maximum resistance against hammer and prying attacks.

-A special elevating and rotating pin tumbler design, along with false slots on the bottom pins, mushroom top pins and a sidebar mechanism, work together, to provide superior pick resistance.

-Hardened steel inserts, positioned in critical areas of the cylinder, provide a high degree of drill resistance


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