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‘Tis the Season to be Careful

Burglar Breaking In To Home At Christmas Through Back Door The holiday season is in full swing! With the increase in home and shopping activity, usually comes a drastic increase in crime; there seems to be many more potential victims from which to choose.  Another development that goes hand in hand with the increase in crime is people choosing to increase their home security measures.  Give yourself a Christmas gift by checking out the following tips. They can aide you in your decision making process and, hopefully, make your Holidays Happier. *Layer your defenses: According to Law Enforcement officials, locks and lights are most effective when used in conjunction with other barriers, such as cameras and alarms. Great security is all about layers of protection. The more layers you have, the more frustrated a would-be burglar becomes. The piercing sound of alarms going off can be very disorienting and cause burglars to make mistakes. The more time and effort it takes, the more likely he will give up. *Make sure your security installer is licensed, insured, and bonded: You would be surprised how many unlicensed/uninsured installers are out there. Many times their work is shoddy and if there is a problem, you are, usually, left without any recourse to have them fix it. Having an installer who is licensed gives you an added guarantee that you will most likely receive top-notch service. *Check with your insurance provider: Most insurance companies offer credits or discounts to individuals that purchase home security systems. These credits vary; but they are usually enough to offset the cost of monthly home monitoring service. *Be cautious of door-to-door security system sales people: Some companies have sales people that come to your house and offer you a free system w/installation. In exchange your “only obligation” is to sign a contract and agree to post a sign in your yard or window that advertises their company for 36-60 months. Upon signing the service contract you are informed that, in order to keep your system active, you will have to pay a monthly fee. (usually $30-$50) before you agree to anything, please make sure you read and understand the contract completely. Ask questions, because the contracts are usually pretty vague. Look out for hidden fees; there may be unlisted cancellation fees, sometimes as much as $2500. Lastly, before any money changes hands make sure everything is connected and working properly. *Do some research: call the companies you are considering, talk to your friends and neighbors, and search online. A company’s web site is a good starting point. Also, sites like and are good tools. These sites allow you to rate companies and see what other consumers are saying about them.  (example: VinTech on Yelp) Home security is an essential part of any household. If you are in the market to add any type of security system to your home, we encourage you to do your homework before making a purchase decisions. For further reading: Crime Spikes during the Holidays Do’s and Don’ts to Keep Safe While Shopping and Travelling Holiday Season Is Burglary Season
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