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Surveillance, the Best Witness

Two teens from Seminole, FL were arrested recently for vandalizing 275 cars, and causing an estimated $110,000 in damage. Brandon Lee Smith, 18, pictured left, and Evan Keith Salas,19, were driving around Pinellas county, FL randomly shooting at cars and storefront windows with their newly purchased BB guns because they were “bored”.

Detectives were able to track down the teens from surveillance cameras capturing Smith’s car around 3:00am. Although no one came forward to claim witness to the vandalism, surveillance cameras are always watching.

Citizens were outraged, and frightened. Some victims are having to pay for the damage out of their own pocket, and will not be covered by insurance.

Carol Heintz, a victim, had to pay for the damage done to her SUV.

“We paid like $535,” she said. “Tragic that someone else thinks that they have the right to hurt or damage someone else’s property that doesn’t belong to them.”

Other citizens are considering further security measures.

“Kinda scary, made me think I guess I’m going to need to put my security system in,” victim Eric Heckathorne said.

If you would like to watch a short video about this story, please click here.

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