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“The Best Insurance is Prevention”

“Bill Lipman (CEO of IE Home Security) stated, ‘Home protection has never been more important; the best insurance is prevention and that’s where state-of-the-art home fire alarm and monitoring systems come in.’ Simply put, the homeowner who has a security system is much better defended and less likely to be a target of a break-in ; this is backed by numerous reports that show that a home without a home monitoring service is 3 times more likely to be robbed than one with a security system.”

Security World News reports that with the increase in spending over the past holidays, so has increased the number of break-ins. As the economy settles back into its slump, desperate times still fuel break-ins.

“To lower your risk of property damage and break-ins, police departments, home security specialist and insurance companies continue to recommend that homeowners everywhere enlist the benefits of a home security system.”

Here are factors to consider:

~Think about your lifestyle. Are you in and out at all hours of the day or night? Do you have large pets? Perhaps you get up or stay up later than everyone else in your household? These will play a part in deciding the best home monitoring system for you.

~Make sure the system has separate zones and that each one can be set according to the needs of your family.

~Find out whether a wired or wireless system is best for your home’s design.

~What extras-key chain remotes, computer activation, pendants, multiple control panels, etc.- are features you must have.

~Make sure the system you select is user-friendly and that everyone in the home knows how to properly activate and deactivate the system. You don’t want to pay for false alarms!

An intrusion alarm is not only prevention and protection, but an investment. Your family and your home are your most valued assets. Keep them safe.

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