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Greener and Leaner by Switching to IP

Ever considered how much energy your CCTV equipment is using? Or, how about what portion of your electricity bill is used for your security system?

“IP surveillance offers clear advantages over analogue CCTV or DVR deployments with significant savings as a result of sharing existing network infrastructure, computation and storage.”

According to the article on, there are 8 factors that help your wallet and the environment:

  1. Camera density per server– IP surveillance cameras require fewer servers and use less energy compared to analog.
  2. Virtualization– Fewer servers= lower IT and administration costs, as well as better protection, less back-up, and fewer software updates.
  3. Video Analytics and Reduced Video Storage – Your accurate video analytics will record only when relevant activity takes place, rather than from video motion sensored, which means “less storage is wasted for false events.”
  4. Video Compression with H.264– “H.264 represents a 50% reduction in bandwidth and storage over MPEG-4 and an 80% reduction over MJPEG, which reduce hardware, space and power requirements.”
  5. Green Licensing– Fewer servers means less problems with licensing over multiple servers
  6. Power Over Ethernet– Less physical wires which means “lower cost, less downtime, easier maintenance and greater installation flexibility than with traditional wiring”.
  7. Remote Surveillance and Monitoring– Easily check on your site without having to travel there. Additionally, suspicious behavior can be verified before sending authorities. “To put the benefit of remote surveillance into perspective, eliminating just one 50-mile drive, or one three-hour flight saves 88.2 and 1543 lbs. of carbon dioxide emissions, respectively.”
  8. Online Distribution- “A recent study found that digital delivery reduced total tons of carbon emissions by 88%” By distributing software online, or monitoring remotely, you are saving energy, packaging, and carbon emissions.

VinTech offers many varieties of IP solutions. Below are some of the products we use. Better picture, greener future.

Vivotek IP Camera

Arecont IP Camera

Mobotix IP Megapixel Camera

Enjoy the entire article here.

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