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Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy

VinTech recently attended our local Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) meeting. CAPS is a bi-monthly meeting, broken down by Chicago’s 25 Districts and then into the 280 neighborhood beats, and hosted by your local Chicago officers. Discussions range from specific crime in your neighborhood, safety and security tips, and an open forum to discuss concerns in your neighborhood.

Good advice from CAPS:

1. Don’t leave your garage door open!

This is an open invitation to burglars to quickly steal whatever may be in your garage (golf clubs, bikes, etc), and if you’re not home, leaving a garage door open is just like leaving your front door wide open. Think about it: when was the last time you locked the door from your garage to your house?

2. Install security cameras at your home or business.

Not only are they a wonderful deterrent to protect your property, but you never know when your footage could aid in solving a crime. For example, last night Officer Schenk said a woman was held at gunpoint in an alley in a pretty affluent neighborhood.  Even though the victim gave the police a very good description of her attacker, he has not been found. If a neighbor had happened to have an outdoor security camera on their garage, and the same suspect had walked past their garage, they would be able to easily identify her attacker and help track him down.

Your surveillance feed is much more valuable to the police than you might think! Citizen surveillance footage helps solve crimes all the time. A client of ours recently captured on their surveillance camera a man involved in a homicide, which took place right outside the premises of their business.  Because of their crucial footage, the suspect was identified and prosecuted.

3. Make friends with your neighbors.

A nosy neighbor is one of the best deterrents for preventing and stopping crime. Neighbors are always watching, and if they suspect and report suspicious behavior, they are a huge help in protecting the safety and security of your neighborhood.

4. Prevention

Here in Chicago, the city is budgeted for around 13,000 police officers, but there are currently around 9,500 employed. They are doing their best to serve and protect, but they are stretched thin, and can not be everywhere at once.  When the police aren’t there, help protect your home or business by installing a security system. Homes with monitored alarm systems are three times LESS likely to be burglarized as opposed to homes without the system. Similarly, businesses without alarm systems are 4.5 times MORE likely to be burglarized than the ones with an electronic security system.

5. Keep Your Property Well Lit

Bright lighting on your home or business is another layer of protection to deter criminals. Better lighting will make a burglar more vulnerable to be seen by a neighbor, and make them more likely to skip your home or business as a target.

6. Reinforce Doors!

Your front and back doors are actually one of the most vulnerable break-in points. According to the FBI,  “Every 12 seconds a home invasion occurs by someone going right through the front or back door”. An estimated 73% of burglars choose the front door as their preferred method of entry, and it only takes seconds to destroy your door.

For wooden doors, reinforce them with a metal door frame. It only takes 1 second for a burglar to kick in a door that is not reinforced. Click on the image below to see how quickly burglars can break into your home through a door.

For glass doors, a glass break sensor is crucial if your door is smashed. A glass break sensor will set off the burglar alarm as soon as the burglar smashes the door. Check out this business whose glass door was broken, and see how fast and easy it was for this burglar.

(Click to watch video above)

Want to attend your local CAPS meeting? Look up your district and beat here. Or, log on to your local Alderman’s website and find your local CAPS meeting schedule.

VinTech reminds you that every additional layer of protection (locks, security cameras, intrusion alarm, bright lighting, community involvement, reinforced doors, etc) can help deter criminals. The harder you make it to break into your home or business, the more likely they will GIVE UP!

Contact VinTech today if you have any security questions or concerns. We can tailor a solution that is right for you and your budget.

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