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Residential Housing Security: Is YOUR Home Safe?

Taken a close look at your neighborhood lately? Are you currently taking any security measures? No crime would happen in YOUR safe neighborhood, right?

Back in September, Mayor Daley proposed an ordinance to increase security features in residential housing aimed at students. These security measures include installing security cameras , having a 24 hour security guard, etc.

Chicago universities are required to publish an annual security report, including crimes occurring on their campus and surrounding neighborhood. Universities ranging from DePaul, University of Illinois at Chicago , Columbia, Truman College, etc all report a high trend of burglaries, robberies, theft, and assault. Thankfully, in the past 3 years, the majority of the crimes that were reported have not been violent enough to take lives, but extra security measures, such as security cameras, would help deter these other crimes.

Chicago is home to 23 universities, and 15,000 to 20,000 college students, so safety for these students is a big concern. But, what about extra security for senior citizens?

Recently, a senior citizen was sexually assaulted at her Chicago Housing Authority apartment complex. Although the property is frequently patrolled by the Chicago police and has security lighting, no one saw the victim’s attacker, and no cameras were present to witness the crime. Security cameras are always watching, and could have helped to identify her attacker, and possibly helped to stop this crime from happening altogether. Watch the news report below.

With Daley stepping down from Mayor, and Rahm Emanuel coming in, VinTech hopes safety and security is just as important to him. We believe everyone should feel safe, especially in their home.

As your students are preparing for the upcoming fall semester, spend this summer evaluating their housing environment. Is their dorm or apartment door secure? Are there security cameras in the elevators? Is there security personnel checking ID of guests?

Visit your elderly relative’s home. Is the area safe at night? Does their residence have any security measures?

What about your own home? Do you have a burglar alarm? In the U.S., a burglary crime happens every 14.6 seconds. Learn more here.

Your resident’s safety requires more than police patrolling or bright lighting. It requires the necessary, vigilant eye of a security camera or a burglar alarm.

Have a safety concern or security question? Feel free to give VinTech a call: 773-388-1208.

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