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Copper Theft Inside Job?

Here at VinTech, we are always on alert for interesting stories pertaining to our industry. This week a story of copper theft piqued our interest because of the unusual circumstances:

Quick Facts:

  • City of Chicago warehouse broken into
  • 4 spools of copper lined cable, each 1,000 lbs stolen= worth $20,000+
  • Forklift and truck needed to pull off heist

Strange Clues:

  • Facility broken into is HQ for City of Chicago crews who install security systems for Chicago government facilities
  • Burglar alarm of facility was “on the fritz”
  • Security cameras at facility weren’t working
  • Copper left out- not in usual locked storage

Read the article here and give us your thoughts!

The strangest part to us is their security system- the alarm OR the cameras- was not working. Checking to make sure your security system is working only takes a few minutes, and maintenance should be done at least once a year. A building of this nature should never have a security system that is down.

In addition to yearly maintenance, here are other prevention tools for avoiding burglaries:

Video Monitoring: For an additional fee, most monitoring companies offer a service to be your eyes and ears. Various services can monitor ranging from 24/7 to just a scheduled event (ex. opening a safe).

Remote Monitoring Access: Keep an eye on things, even when you can’t be present. If you feel like checking on your business from home, vacation, on the go, etc., it takes only seconds to access your secure IP address and view your video cameras from anywhere you can access the Internet- even from your Smartphone!

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