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CNBC’s Crime Inc. Shows Truth Behind Burglary Crimes

At a cost of $70 billion a year, more and more people are becoming victims of burglary crime, and unfortunately, NO ONE IS SAFE.

This “industry of stolen goods is a complex web of stealing, buying, and selling—placing the items on the Internet, in flea markets, and even back on the shelves of legitimate stores.”

Have you been the victim of a burglary crime recently?

A new show on CNBC, Crime Inc., focuses on the growing issue of organized theft crimes. These robberies are occurring in four major categories: stolen goods (retail), cargo theft, home burglaries, and auto theft.

Click the image above to watch a preview of the show, Crime Inc.

Stolen Goods

“The largest and most lucrative target is retail. Its estimated theft rings cost the retail industry more than $30 billion a year.”

Click image above to watch a clip about retail theft.

Here at VinTech, our retail clients know the importance of having IP cameras watching over their merchandise, employees, and customers. A surveillance security system not only protects your assets, but can also serve other benefits, such as watching customer’s shopping habits.

Another retail theft phenomenon sweeping Chicago is called flash mob theft. This occurs when “partners-in-crime plan and execute a calculated theft with the help of social media.” Flash mob crimes were noticeably increasing in the Mag Mile shopping district, and seemed to have peaked this past February.

Cargo Theft

Cargo theft occurs when “merchandise is stolen in bulk from shipping containers, warehouses and tractor-trailers.”

Theft from these storage facilities is growing, and thieves come prepared to haul away your stuff. A security system is NOT optional for facilities that house large amounts of merchandise, material, etc. They need security.

A common problem VinTech hears more about from clients is theft from their scrapyards, stockyards, etc., such as copper. We recently blogged an article about 4,000 lbs of copper lined cable that was stolen from a City of Chicago warehouse where the security system was not working and did not capture the crime. This is not our client, but we were shocked to read their security system was not working properly.

A security system is not only necessary at these facilities for theft, but also to monitor employee safety, as accidents happen more frequently.

Home Burglaries

Home burglaries are a huge business for thieves. As exposed by Crime Inc., organized gangs make a living by hitting multiple homes every week. In 2009, burglary offenses cost victims an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property.

In the past week, we have had 3 people stop by our office and tell us their stories- break-ins at their homes, stolen HDTVs, & even tenants that were tied up and beaten by burglars. Do you know what we often hear? “I wish I had installed a security system before this happened to me”. It makes us so sad to hear their suffering. We’re passionate about protecting you, & we truly want to help Chicago residents before it’s too late. Don’t let the next burglary happen to you! Protect yourself with a VinTech security system!

To read more burglary crime statistics for homes and businesses, click here.

Auto Theft

“Vehicle theft costs Americans an estimated 5.2 Billion dollars a year, and nets thieves hundreds of millions in profits.”

In this past month, one of VinTech’s own employees’ car got broken into- not once, but twice- in the quiet, safe neighborhood where she lives. There was nothing of value in the car, and nothing was stolen. However, both times damage was done. The first time the locked glove compartment was pried opening, bending the latch, and thus making the glove compartment impossible to close again. The second time, an entire soft panel window was stolen from her Jeep.

The result: She asked her landlord to install a video surveillance system on their front entrance of the building to keep an eye on the street parking.

Need a car alarm? Call Five Star Electronics– Auto Alarm Specialists at (773) 818-1998!

Top Ten Items Stolen From Vehicles

1. Stereo equipment – CD players, amps, speakers, subwoofers, etc.
2. Compact discs
3. Laptop computers
4. GPS systems
5. Coins – parking change
6. Registration papers
7. Garage door openers
8. Electronics- Cell phones, portable DVD players, DVD’s, and iPods
9. Work tools
10. Tires and wheels

A burglary crime occurs once every 14.6 seconds. VinTech knows the frustration, anger, and feelings of violation and loss after being robbed. Don’t wait until it is too late. Don’t become the next statistic. Protect yourself with a security system!

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