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Choosing Free* Installation For Home Burglar Alarms Over Local Companies

*As a consumer, we know “free” often comes with a catch. The same is true in the burglar alarm industry. Big name companies often offer free or discounted installation, which sounds tempting, but did you read the fine print? We must consider value over price.

According to this national company’s disclaimer, the monthly monitoring fee is $42.99.  On average, VinTech charges about $10.00 LESS for monthly monitoring fees. This adds up to $120.00 savings per year, and $360.00 savings for the total contract.

It is estimated that the typical customer stays with their monitoring company for about 10 years. Over the course of those 10 years, you would be saving $1200.00. Is the discounted or free installation with the big name company worth paying more each month?

Also, you only qualify for the national company’s discounted installation IF you complete your rebate. How often do we forget to fill out these pesky rebate forms?

Here at VinTech, we offer personalized care for each customer. We aren’t like the national, big name company who will install your system, forget it and move on to the next sale.  For example, we have heard from many clients that a big name alarm company could not fix their false alarm problems. We identify your individual trigger for the false alarm, and help you avoid it in the future. We’ve saved many people from the frustration of turning off their alarm altogether from excessive false alarms.

Sure, you may have to pay for the equipment up front, but the value of doing business with the local, small company will save you money in the long term, and the benefits will far outweigh the short term gratification of the national, big name alarm company.

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