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False Claims and Pushy Sales

VinTech recently was interested in contracting Search Engine Optimization and Google ranking assistance with a company called Showcase Premier Media.

After calling a couple of their references (one company we couldn’t get a hold of, and the other told us point blank they were unhappy with Showcase’s service and planned on canceling), we began to dig a little further.

We discovered Showcase Premier Media had changed their name from Showcase Listing, which happened to have an F rating on the Better Business Bureau. Hmm, we wonder why they changed their name?

VinTech’s marketing coordinator got a follow up call from their sales rep, Richard. We expressed our concerns with the bad BBB rating, the various complaints online, and even their own reference speaking poorly of the company.  Showcase’s rep went through various stages, from reasoning that people even speak poorly of Jesus (really?), to begging for our business, to yelling and screaming. Our marketing coordinator very calmly asked their rep to lower their voice as she would not tolerate being yelled at, but after continuous verbal abuse told him very calmly she would be hanging up. If the F rating on BBB wasn’t enough of a red flag, that phone call was the nail in the coffin.

Then a couple weeks ago, the news reported a door-to-door sales team from a security company in Omaha claimed to have a grant from the city to install burglar alarms. Safehaven Security falsely told residents their company received a $250,000 grant because of the “high crime rate”. They claimed the grant was to be used to install a free burglar alarm in homes, as long as they paid $40.00 a month for monitoring with an industry standard 3 year contract. Their local news “checked with the mayor’s grant administrator who said there are no grants by the city to an organization to install security systems.”

Big companies, who shall remain nameless,  are “trunk slammers”. They offer free installation, rebates, gift cards, whatever they can to make it appealing to people. Then they turn around and charge a higher monthly bill. They have thousands of agents that don’t take the time to service you if you have any questions or problems. These residents end up having to call corporate, wait on the phone for a customer service representative, and hope their problem can be resolved over the phone. What generally happens though, is that many of them stop using the alarm or deactivate it from their frustration. We hear this often from clients that have come to us from the “big guys”.

Our point is, do your research. Ask for references. Make sure the company you choose to do business with is reliable and certified. We care about our customers, and you should care about how they treat you.

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