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Yelpin’ Through Your Community

Are you Yelpin’ yet? Yelp is an online community used for social media, user reviews, and local searches.

VinTech wants to say a BIG THANK YOU to our Yelpers! We love hearing your compliments, opinions, and suggestions. We keep improving our business because of YOU and for YOU! Keep those Yelp reviews coming!

In our personal experience, we have noticed real reviews from our real clients are being removed from Yelp by their own filters, and there is nothing we can do about it. This actually hurts our business Yelp listing. When 5 star reviews are processed into the hidden “filtered” section, our client’s real opinions are essentially gone, along with their positive rating (reviews moved into the filtered section do not contribute toward your overall rating). It’s unfair to the business, and our great clients. Some of our clients took their valuable time to register for a Yelp account, just to give us a glowing review.

Even though there is no definitive guide as to how they determine if a review is real or fake, we suspect thee are key behaviors that can get you booted into “filtered land”.

a.. No profile picture

b. New account with just 1 review

c. No personal profile information

d. Inactive account- never log in, rate other people’s reviews, etc.

We appreciate our Yelp reviews!!! Here are our Yelp reviews that got filtered:

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