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The Importance of Layering Security: A View from the VinTech Crew

This past week, two news stories near Tampa, FL caught our attention.  Unfortunately, both ended tragically.

The first is a convenience store called Video Latino, where detectives reported 20-year-old Jaime Magana, Jr. was shot and killed after two men robbed the store where he was working.

Please click photo to view video.

Because Video Latino had surveillance cameras, detectives were able to identify and capture the two criminals seen in this video.

This story is heart breaking to us. Although we are glad to see justice prevailed and the criminals were caught, it was a senseless crime where an innocent, young man lost his life.

Sometimes just having video surveillance cameras is not enough to completely PREVENT a crime from happening.You must layer your defenses! Layering up security is just like peeling onions. If you’ve ever peeled or cut an onion before, you know an onion has so many layers, making you teary and the smell stays on your hands for hours. Just like the unpleasant task of trying to get to the core of an onion, many layers of security makes it more difficult for a criminal to get to the “core” of your home or business.

In our office, we discussed this story and here is what our team wanted to share:

Sergio, Alarm Specialist Technician

“Its very unfortunate that this young man lost his life because these two punks were born. It’s good that a functional CCTV system was in use at the time. Maybe these suspects were not aware that cameras were being used, perhaps outdoor cameras and signs stating that CCTV was being used could have served as a deterrent .”

Kyle, Senior Technician

“A panic button is not going to work in this case. The suspect pointed a gun to the victim before the victim could react. Cameras are just recording for after the fact evidence. Video monitoring would be a good solution.”

John, Security Sales Consultant

“As seen here, cameras offer little deterrence in defense of determined criminals.

a.       Was there a panic button under the registers?
b.      Was there a camera outside the premise?
c.       Were there SIGNS clearly stating the premise is under surveillance?
d.      It’s across the street from a pawn shop – hello?  You actually expected no-one would dare?
e.      Hate to say this – Florida / Texas / Mississippi / Alabama / New Mexico / Arizona / North Dakota / AS A SHOP OWNER I CAN CARRY A WEAPON.   YES, I understand this goes against just about everything in the sense of decent human morals, but being the one dead is not on my list….”

Miranda, Marketing Coordinator

“This story is so heart breaking. I wish there was more security that could have prevented this awful crime from happening. I think there are probably many things they could have been done in addition to having a CCTV system. There should have been another employee there to try to diffuse the situation, maybe armed with a taser gun. Perhaps the safest option, the employee (and cash register) should have been behind bullet proof glass, with a panic button. It also would have been helpful to have surveillance cameras outside, so that maybe the employee could have seen the trouble coming. I think all convenience stores should also have a safe/panic room!”

That’s Me

“Layering up security is very important. Unfortunately, many people don’t think it’s necessary to have any security systems in place unless it’s mandatory like having auto insurance. We all believe, it just won’t happen to me. The ROI (Return On Investment) that they put upfront is too valuable and priceless, that you can’t afford to miss it. In return, you get peace of mind, health and LIVES.

1.       Is there sufficient warning signs? Obvious enough?
2.       Was there a panic button? Alarm System?
3.       Any other panic devices, such as a smoke alarm that fills the room with smoke when activated?”

The other story that caught our attention was just a few days later in Tampa, FL, another store clerk, Marilyn Rivera Tejada, was shot and killed at a neighborhood convenience store. This time, there were NO surveillance cameras at the store.

“Officials said there is a bulletproof security window around the register, but no surveillance video. Without surveillance video, detectives have had little to go on.”

We can’t 100% guarantee that we can prevent crimes from happening. As a security company, we can only help reduce the risk/possibilities of being robbed/burglarized, etc., but we promise our number one goal is to help protect you, your loved ones, and your business.

Perhaps if these stores had done everything they possibly could to layer their defenses of security (had working surveillance cameras inside AND out, had signs warning of CCTV in use, installed a panic button, had a burglar alarm, remotely monitored their employees on the surveillance cameras, etc), these crimes could have possibly been prevented.

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