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We Became a Victim of Credit Card Fraud!

Back in May, we posted tips about how to protect yourself from credit card fraud, and guess what? My American Express credit card was hacked!

I was about to make a payment, and was checking all the transactions. According to the statement below, it seems that a group of people have been using my credit card. How could I eat at Potbelly’s for $52.39? And Boston Market for $82.19? They must be big guys!

After finding these unknown, strange transactions on the statement, I called AmEx immediately. They said this type of fraud had happened to other customers, and we’re all 100% protected. This means, I’m not responsible for paying those fraudulent charges.

What really freaks me out is the AmEx credit card hadn’t been used, and is kept in a wallet for back up only. It is always with me, but how could this have happened without exposing it to anyone?

Please view the video below featuring Bill Kresse, “Professor Fraud”, discussing how and why your credit card is hacked. It even happened to him!

“Fraud never sleeps, so you always have to be vigilant and keep an eye on your credit card accounts. Look for those charges you don’t understand, even if it’s just a small amount and question it immediately”.

Please be careful! Anyone can become a victim! Check your statements, ask questions, and always be vigilant. For more tips, please click here and here.

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