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VinTech Gives Thanks and Gives Back!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Thanksgiving is a very special day to me.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are reflecting on what we are thankful for.

It’s not about Black Friday; it’s not about Cyber Monday. To me, Thanksgiving is a good reminder, and an opportunity for me, for us, to say thank you to our clients, and to my hard-working colleagues! Growing in this economy is difficult. But, WE made it! Without any of us here in our team, we wouldn’t be able to survive and grow till now. There’s up and downs of a business, and we have been through the downs, but we are going up with a belief that we will continuously climb.

Thank you very much for your hard work: my partner and the founder of VinTech – Vincent, and to my colleagues who take care of almost everything for me and allow me to dream, plan and fulfill our goals – John, Kyle, Sergio, Miranda, Brian, Lu, Melvin, Nancy and Stephanie!

Also, a BIG thank you very much for our clients who have supported us from the very beginning until now! Your kind referrals and recommendations are greatly appreciated.

VinTech believes security can be GREEN, fun and “giving”, and in addition to being thankful for our wonderful team, clients and friends, we are thankful for the food in our bellies.  But for a lot of people in Chicago, mostly children and elderly, are hungry without food. In fact, there are 845,910 people in Cook County that are hungry. Thankfully, we can help!

Just as the Pilgrims graciously shared their food with the Indians, VinTech is “sharing” with those in need. And we want YOUR help! Simply “Like” VinTech on Facebook, and for every “Like”, we will donate $1.00 to the Chicago Food Depository in your honor. It’s that simple! Help us help the community, and feel better this Thanksgiving knowing you helped others. The Pilgrims would have been proud.

For every dollar that the Chicago Food Depository receives, it can provide 3 plates of healthy food. Yes, $1.00= 3 Plates of Food! To learn more about the Chicago Food Depository, please view the video below.

Simply click the button above and “Like” VinTech on Facebook to “make your donation”! We appreciate your support!

Also, in the spirit of giving, VinTech is having a Thanksgiving Sale! Receive an extra 5% off on top of our 5th Anniversary promotion until December 14th.

It’s almost the end of our 5th year anniversary, but this is just the beginning of a GREEN SECURITY Business! We give our thanks, and hopes everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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