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Condo Tenants Can Be Just As Vulnerable to Burglaries as Home Owners

Usually intrusion/burglar alarm systems are installed in a house, but not condo homes. There is this common misconception, or false sense of security, that burglaries would rarely happen in a condo building because there’s access control or even a door man. However, that is not true if the condo building is not properly managed and secured. The residents are just as vulnerable as living in a home.

This past week, we learned a father and his disabled son were held at gun point and robbed in their condo apartment. Please watch the video below to hear their story.

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There are some criminals who prey specifically upon apartments and condominiums, as seen above. They know, for example, that many female and senior citizen owners and tenants live alone. If they perceive a targeted multi-residential community to be well protected, they may either be deterred or move on to what they think is an easier target.

As a security system provider, VinTech is very upset to learn that the surveillance system was not working when this incident happened. Property management companies have the responsibility to prevent this kind of thing from happening by maintaining the security systems regularly. Were there any proper warnings of “Under Surveillance” signs in place? Had the security cameras in place been checked recently by maintenance?

To be successful in deterring crime, properties are dependent upon cooperation and support between the property owners or tenants, the apartment or condominium management and the local law enforcement agency. Below are some guidelines:

  • The first line of defense is represented by the perimeter around the multi-residential complex. If the perimeter is well marked and secured, it sends a clear signal of security awareness to the would-be criminal.
  • The perimeter of the property should have as few entrances as possible. Ideally, there should be only one way in and out of the property. Because they want an escape route, psychologically, thieves do not like to prey upon property or areas where there is only one way in and out.
  • The transition onto the property should be clearly marked and well lit. There should be no doubt where the perimeter or boundary to the property is.
  • Some multi-residential complexes may have a gate guard who checks the identity of those persons entering the property.

There are a number of possible security-related signs that can be posted at the entrance to a multi-residential complex for the purpose of deterring possible criminal activity:

  • If an apartment complex participates in a certified Crime Free Multi-Housing Program, they can place signs that indicate they have joined this program.
  • A sign indicating the multi-residential complex participates in a Neighborhood Watch Program.
  • Possibly a sign indicating the complex is patrolled by armed officers or guards or that there are CCTV surveillance cameras located throughout the complex.

Lastly, get involved with your neighborhood CAPS meeting. Local police report to the residents about what’s happening around the neighborhood, and are always looking for feedback to help make the community better and safer for residents. They need your support though! Stop by a local CAPS meeting to learn about what is going on in your neighborhood, and help make a difference.

Above are just some of the security guidelines for condo/apartment buildings. If you would like to learn more or talk to our consultant for more details, please contact us at 773-388-1208.

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