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Top 10 Non-Security Uses for Surveillance Cameras

VinTech knows just how useful and essential security cameras are, but did you know they can be really fun? We always discuss about how important surveillance cameras are for general security and safety, loss prevention and crime observation, but ever thought about what else CCTV can do for you?

Read on to discover the Top 10 Non-Security Uses for Surveillance Cameras!

1. Live Cams

Want to “travel” to amazing places and see things like penguins shuffling through the snow in Germany, Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park, or see the famous Winter the Dolphin in Clearwater, FL? We even have our own cam right here in Chicago to see what is going on at the Cub’s Wrigley Field. Cams can be educational, entertaining and inspirational. For more fun cams, click here.





2. Extreme Environmental Conditions

Thanks to Mobotix cameras at locations such as Eyjafjallajökull glacier in Iceland, viewers can get a up close view of what it’s like near an active volcano, or scuba dive in the Netherlands.

3. Time Lapse

Mobotix surveillance cameras can create beautiful time lapse footage.

Check out the change in seasons at this ski resort in Levi, Finland:

Click to watch time lapse

or this beautiful coast of Positano, Italy:

Click to watch time lapse

 4. Construction Sites

Speaking of time lapse projects, surveillance cameras are now being used to create time lapse videos at construction sites (see below). Because of the harsh conditions, surveillance cameras can safely show the construction’s progress to stakeholders, clients, and executive management, as well as be used for training purposes, protect their high cost building materials, and most importantly, allow remote monitoring of the safety of workers.

Click to watch.


5. Wildlife and Zoo Assistance

Surveillance cameras aid significantly in animal behavior and scientific research. They also give observers an unobtrusive view into their lives. Check out the WWF camera catching curious tiger cubs.

Click to watch.

Check out the live Panda Cam at the San Diego Zoo below.

Click to view live cam!

Cameras can also reach remote areas that aren’t easily accessible by humans, such as learning about a gorilla’s birth. “Apparently gorillas are very private animals, particularly when expecting a birth. The BBC wildlife programme wanted to record the events leading up to and after the birth, but the problem was during the night when any illumination would be unacceptable. The solution was to use an infrared illuminator with an 850 nanometer filter which would be totally unobtrusive with an infrared sensitive camera and time lapse VCR. The result was the first recorded birth of a gorilla in captivity.”

 6. Marketing

Yes, surveillance cameras can help you market your retail products and store. Surveillance footage can be used to review shopping patterns, test market merchandise in key zones, evaluate signage, compile demographic data, and determine how well customers are interacting with elements of the retail environment.

“Managers would not gain the proper amount of feedback from customers to know if the company is delivering its promises. For example, in a department store, surveillance cameras help managers know if the customer is greeted properly, if the customer’s question is answered completely, and if the customer is thanked by name and also offered a credit card. These cameras provide valuable feedback to improve the service provided, which will ultimately bring customers back, build brand loyalty, and increase the customer’s confidence in the product or service.”

Some companies (especially nightlife and hospitality) are even using live feeds to show how busy their business is. Shown here, is a live surveillance camera feed from a busy bar on the famous New Orleans Bourbon St.

7. Crowd Control

Venues, such as football stadiums, can use surveillance cameras to monitor crowds. “The sheer volume of people at sporting events can cause uncomfortable scenes while entering and exiting the facility. Security cameras can monitor high traffic areas ensuring safe and smooth passage.”

8. Traffic Flow

“Video surveillance technology measures traffic flow and congestion, is used for red light cameras, and helps emergency service vehicles reach hospitals faster. Some cities and towns display their camera images on their websites, so that drivers can anticipate any traffic problems before they head out in the morning. More and more local governments are coming on board to this technology because it does achieve tangible results. ”

9. Reach Volatile or Physically Inaccessible Places

Cameras are now used for surgery, labs where very sensitive materials are monitored, oil, gas and petrochemical facilities, both off shore and on shore, and zones off-limits to workers. Cameras can also be used in harsh environments that are engineered to contain explosions within their housing, meaning the cameras won’t produce a spark that could ignite a potentially explosive environment, such as an airbag manufacturing plant. Additionally, cameras are used in “settings where excavation work is required, and ensure there are no factors that might damage multi-million dollar pieces of equipment or harm operators.”

Pictured: Surveillance still image from the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, June 2010

10. Compliance

“Video monitoring helps managers see if employees are using proper sanitation techniques, which is vital for the food and hotel industry. Compliance monitoring can also help to see if the appropriate methods for packing and processing are being used, such as in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. These PTZ surveillance cameras would be positioned above the processing floor so that they can optimally capture the employees doing their jobs from different angles.”

A strange example of this is a guest at Disneyland had been caught on surveillance cameras throwing relative’s cremated ashes into the set of the Pirates of the Carribbean ride. Following Disney’s squeaky clean compliance rules, surveillance picked up this health code violation right away!

Does your business use surveillance cameras for purposes other than security? We’d love to hear about it!

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