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Go Green and Recycle Your Electronics!

VinTech is a huge supporter of the World Wildlife Fund, and all other green initiatives. As we just celebrated Earth Day, we are reminded to help do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle.

We are fortunate there are many opportunities in Chicago to recycle. One organization, PC Rebuilders and Recyclers, accepts donations of used electronics with an approved list to the left. Their main initiative is to refurbish your used computer equipment and make it available to schools and non-profits.

To make a donation, drop offs are accepted Monday-Friday at:

3053 N. Knox, Chicago, IL 60641
1-800-939-6000 or
(773) 545-7575

You can also drop off electronics to any Staples store, nationwide for free e-recycling!

In addition to recycling your old electronics, VinTech will recycle your old security systems. As technology in the security industry changes, more people are opting for IP technology over analog. It’s inevitable that analog will go obsolete, and that’s why you may see lots of DIY surveillance kits for cheap. VinTech will recycle the existing equipment for our clients for free when they purchase our services/products.

Another green option? Create a hybrid security system. Today, with the demand of the evolving technology and budget constraints, many companies are having to consider an expensive, complete upgrade for their security system. Thankfully, there are ways to integrate the existing system. Many are considering a “hybrid security system”, in which technology-based solutions leverage both existing infrastructure and the latest advancements. In short, organizations can keep their existing analog cameras and get the benefits of today’s advancements by employing a hybrid video management system that includes centralized smart video technology. Now that’s smart!

Did you know it’s actually ILLEGAL in the state of Illinois to throw out electronics? Waste companies are instructed to NOT accept electronics, and landfills can be fined. Electronics contain toxins, such as mercury and lead, that can harm ground water. Find out more in the video below.

Click to watch video.

Share with us how you celebrated Earth Day, or how you are doing your part to help our Earth!

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