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Turning That Some Day Project Into Today’s Project

Recently, we asked Southport Security, a local locksmith, to fix the back door of our building.  Before it was fixed, the door could hardly be closed. We needed to slam it in order to close it, which always caused a loud crash. It was annoying, and bothered others in the building. But we put up with it, longer than we should have.  Since it has been fixed, almost every time we have used the back door, we have had that “ah-ha!” moment.  That “ah-ha!” moment being the moment  you think, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?!”

It got us thinking about local businesses, and our own. Similar to dealing with a broken door, residents and businesses may find they have that nagging feeling they are putting off something they need. Like the door, once you get security, you may find yourself asking, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

So why do we enjoy working with local businesses, like Southport Security?

1. We like great service. Who doesn’t? Our locksmith, Southport Security, is quick and professional. We’ve always had great service from them, and because of that, we’ll likely use them again and recommend them to family and friends.

2. We strive to work with local companies that provide quality work. Like Southport Security, their company provides great service, convenience, and knowledgeable staff. We are always happy with their work.

3. The 4 P’s of Marketing One of the largest benefits of working with a local business is the 4 P’s. Remember the 4 P’s? Product, Price, Place and Promotion

Product – With a local business, you often receive up-to-date products that are essentially a great fit for your needs. Small businesses are passionate about their products. Like VinTech, we consistently scour our industry for the best products for our clients, whether its a new technology, or a safer solution.

Small businesses are also more “hands on” through the process. Larger corporations receive their products and throw them on the shelf, with little to no input from their clients or management. With a local business, it is easier to work with the client to locate, provide or create a product that is just right for their client’s needs.

Price – Often a hot debate about getting the best price, we really should instead consider the VALUE. Sure, you could go down to the local big box home improvement store to purchase a security system, but now what? We might save a few bucks on the product, but this is where service comes into play and the underlying value is often forgotten or unappreciated.

Of course a business wants to give you the best price possible, but with a business like ours, comes service. In our case, this means getting installation, questions answered, guidance, and a personal relationship with your vendor. We truly care about our customers and their safety and well being.

Place – Place equals convenience to the client, and what could be more convenient than a service coming directly to your home or business? In our industry, security is personal. You can rest assured that your security is confidential, custom to your needs, and available at your fingertips (access, control and view your security system from your Smartphone with our Honeywell Total Connect program). In our great city of Chicago, our product can be delivered and installed anywhere across the city and surrounding suburbs.

Promotion – VinTech’s greatest promotion is YOU- our clients! We love hearing your feedback, and often receive referrals from word-of-mouth. We’re keeping busy in our marketing and sales to provide a great customer experience, and hope to maintain our local business mentality as we grow.

So for all your needs, whether you need a locksmith for a stubborn door, or a security system for your business, why do you choose to work with local businesses? Let us know! 

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