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The Human CCTV

Since we have had intense weeks of shootings, this week we bring you something short and sweet…

If you were a witness to a crime, would you be able to describe a person from memory? Or, if you saw a face in a crowd, would you be able to recall them from mug shots previously seen? Often, memories can be muddled from a high stress or scary situation, and details can be confused regarding a person’s age, race, hair color, and even gender.

However, this isn’t so for police officer Andy Pope, who according to Info4 Security, has recognized “130 criminals on the streets of Birmingham simply from memorising their faces in CCTV stills.”

Dubbed the “Human CCTV”, Andy relies on his “knack” for remembering faces. “I get into work 30 minutes before my shift starts and scan police systems to see if any new wanted faces have been added.” Andy then patrols his beat in one of the busiest parts of the city, where he claims criminals will eventually cross through. His incredible memory has helped him “identify sex offenders, violent criminals and thieves from their pictures alone.”

In one impressive recollection, Andy was able to identify a bus robber, who picture had broadcast on their program, Crime Watches, an entire year previously.

“Safer Travel inspector Gareth Morris, said: ‘Andy has shown an astonishing ability in facial recognition and, as a direct result of his identifications, numerous prolific offenders have been brought to justice.'”

Do you have an incredible memory like Andy’s?

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