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The Games We’ve Been Waiting For!

We’re counting down to the games that we anticipate every 4 years. As much as we want to talk about it, we can’t even write its proper name! Did you know that there are strict rules and regulations about the most anticipated international sporting event? Not the drugs rules or games rule, but the rules of using the actual name!

Due to these rules, we can’t specifically name the worldwide, great sporting event coming up, or use certain words that allude to this event (location, season, and year). From here on out, we shall call it The Games.

All we really wanted to say about The Games is how much it means to people. It means so much to me, and I’m sure it means something different to each person.

I enjoy watching The Games- the spirit of it, the moment on the podium/victory, the sweat and pain, and the stories of every athlete.

What are your favorite sporting events? Mine are the gymnastics, judo and jump-diving.

What are your favorite moments? Mine is when the athletes are standing on the podium and raise the winners’ flag. I like to hear the national songs, and experience with them their tears and pride.

We know that the security for this event will need to be “beefed up”. From what I’ve noticed, staff have been evaluated as “inadequate”. The security provider G4S has failed to provide sufficient manpower for the start of the Games. How could it be happening? As a result, a ‘Plan B’ of gathering some of the troops and serving police officers are being used to make up the numbers.

It got us thinking about what it means to compete there. What it means to have a goal in mind, and what it means to fully achieve their goal- what most athletes spend their whole career working toward.

Providing the best security experience possible is like our sport. It’s what challenges us to work towards the top place on the podium. Sometimes it makes us sweat, and we have painful days. Other times, it makes us smile. Those are bright days, and THAT is our victory.

Some examples are:

  • “Yes everything is working perfectly fine thank you. Great service and thank you …” Ivan from Best Value Auto Body Supply
  • Some put a smiley face on the quality check next to their signature
  • I have used it to assist us in tracking an Armed Robbery offender movements. Still shots I made from the cameras resulted in the eventual apprehension of the offender.”

As a security professional, I can’t really have my eyes on the “Games” only. My wish is to see the victory of my favorite teams, and a peaceful and wonderful Games.

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