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Crimespotting in Your Neighborhood

As we have learned in the security industry, unfortunately, crime can happen to anyone, any time and anywhere. Crime doesn’t sleep, stay home in bad weather, or skip the upscale, gated communities.

We recently heard the 22nd Alderman was burglarized.  We discovered that they have an alarm that is never used, or attempted to use.

In our own neighborhood, there has been 3 attempted break-in’s (front and back door) on Roscoe and Damen this past week. Please be on alert in the early morning hours and confirm your locks and alarm systems are functional.

Just last night, the salon next door to us got robbed. We asked if they had an alarm system (they don’t have cameras). They said they do have an alarm, but were waiting for service, so it was not set.

These 2 incidences are just a couple of examples why it’s so important to set your intrusion alarm every day. You just never know when crime will strike. It’s also why security cameras are crucial for the entry points / common areas. Security cameras not only help to deter crimes, but also provide very significant leads for finding criminals and forensic evidence.

Although the FBI burglary statistics report a 2% decrease since the previous recorded year, there are still an estimated 2 million reported burglaries happening in the US, some as close as your neighborhood.

There are some really great tools to check out what is going on in your neighborhood. Our newest discovery is Crime Spot, which allows you to see theft, burglaries, arrests, etc on a map.

What Can You Do To Help Prevent Being a Victim of a Crime?

1. Be ALERT and AWARE of your surroundings. Look at your surroundings, notice the people around you. Armed robbers like to sneak up on their victims. Make brief eye contact with those around you but don’t stare. Don’t look scared. Stay off your cell phone. Walk with purpose!

2. Report suspicious persons or activity to the police. They are NOT bothered by these calls.

3. Don’t brag about finances, vacation, etc on social media.

4. Don’t flash money even when inside a business establishment. Some robbers hang out in stores in order to spot victims carrying a lot of cash.

5. Be aware of neighbors, crimes in your neighborhood, and consider contributing to a neighborhood watch group.

6. Never open your door to unknown individuals, and secure any shared entry points, such as an access card controlled door in a lobby.

7. As we have seen time and time again, remember to set your alarm EVERY day!

If you have any additional tips or personal experience, please share with us!

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