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Summer Security Precautions

As the weather warms up, our tendencies to relax and leave windows and doors open increases. This habit is especially detrimental when burglars are lurking, since burglars know this is their easy way in!

According to the Better Business Bureau, the summer months bring the highest rates of burglaries, with an increase of 6-16%. In 2011 (the most recent statistics from the FBI), there were over 2 million burglaries total, accounting for an average of $2185 lost per offense.


Forty percent of burglaries happen at night. Last month, police released the frantic 911 call of an Orland Park woman whose home was invaded by an attempted burglar. Her fiancee was shot. It’s not known if they had any security measures, but this extra step can help prevent and deter burglars. Nationwide, less than 2 percent of all burglaries occur in homes that have an alarm.

Since June is National Safety Month, we advise the following tip: One of the best deterrents to help prevent summer burglaries is to remember to set your burglar alarm EVERY night before you go to bed.

For more summer safety and security tips, check out our tips for keeping your home safe while you travel (another time burglars know you’ll be away!).

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