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How Cool are Panoramic Security Cameras?

Ever watched a story on the news where footage from the victim’s security camera was released, and find yourself squinting at your TV screen, trying to figure out what you’re exactly looking at? And perhaps like me, you find yourself yelling at the TV, asking why the footage is so awful and indiscernible. It may be time for a upgrade.

Take our simple quiz!

1. Are you having problems identifying the critical moment and/or person?

2. Do you have bad blind spots?

If you answered “Yes” to the previous questions, it may be time for an upgrade. May we recommend a panoramic camera system.

All Outside_2Unlike the 360-degree CCTV (Pan-Tilt-Zoom), which picks up everything in its field of view all of the time, the panoramic system includes the entire view of the area being scanned by stationary cameras.

The Benefits:

  • It will cost you less money to use one or two panoramic video surveillance units than to stick with the multiple stationary CCTV cameras that you may currently have.
  • You will only need a minimum number of the panoramic units to cover a wide area, while you would have needed multiple stationary cameras to cover the same amount of ground.
  • There is also the possibility of operator error with stationary cameras, if you have a camera that can have the field of view adjusted.
  • In addition, the resolution of the panoramic video surveillance system is designed to be high.
  • It can operate 24 hours each day in an automatic mode and requires little if any maintenance, which can further reduce your costs for security, instead of having to pay for maintenance on multiple stationary cameras.

First still in panoramic view enlarged for detail

The proof is in the images, and maybe we’ll finally see some crystal clear surveillance footage on the news!

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