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A Stranger’s Gonna Knock You Out?

A dangerous new street game is sweeping popular cities called “knockout”. Participants in the game sucker punch unknowing victims on the street, and capture it on video. The footage is then posted to social media sites and Youtube, where participants in the game gain points for views and clicks.


Although the Chicago Police deny any reports of this type of case, “incidents are said to have taken place on the South Side near CTA bus stops and in the middle of the afternoon on the Magnificent Mile and in River North areas.”

This game can cause very serious injuries, and can sometimes be deadly.

It’s very scary to think you could be hurt while innocently shopping on Mag Mile, just for a senseless game.

Here are some tips we feel will help you to not become a victim.

  1. Stay aware and alert of your surroundings. Pay attention to those around you, especially those videotaping.
  2. Unplug earphones and listen to your surroundings, including footsteps too closely behind you.
  3. If someone looks questionable, move to a safer area, especially one that might be covered by a surveillance camera. In case something happens, it will be caught on camera for police evidence.
  4. Don’t alienate yourself. Stay in densely populated and well lit areas.
  5. If waiting at a public transportation area, keep your back to a wall. Don’t let someone sneak up behind you.
  6. Don’t instigate or heckle strangers. If someone approaches you, politely and discreetly remove yourself from the situation.
  7. Try to travel with a friend. Even if you’re commuting for work, there is safety in numbers.
  8. Don’t flash around expensive electronics or money.
  9. Listen to reports of knockout game crime, and if possible, avoid those areas.
  10. Report any suspicious behavior to the Chicago Police.
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