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Techy Theft- What Scams You Should be Aware Of

Thieves aren’t getting smarter, but they are getting more tech savvy. From lifting your confidential information from a copier hard drive to scrambling your car’s computer “brain”, here are new scams you need to be aware of.

Copier UnConfidential

Many thieves are buying used copiers to obtain the hard drives. Why? Thousands upon thousands of confidential documents are saved with YOUR information including social security numbers, date of birth, financials, etc. Click below to watch.


Car Theft- New Device


Police are investing a new tool that literally scrambles the “brains” of your car’s computer. The unknown device, about 1/2 the size of a cell phone, has helped criminals across New York, Chicago to Los Angeles disable alarms and open locked cars. “Your car is like a large rolling computer and criminals are hacking into it, according to police.” Although authorities aren’t quite sure exactly what this device is, a thief caught on a dash cam with this device has given more insight to the police. In the meantime, police advise reporting any suspicious behavior.


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