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Scam Alert

scam alert triangle signVinTech Systems, Inc. has become aware of a current scam targeting consumers through fraudulent phone calls purporting to be from VinTech, claiming that there is a security issue with their computer and asking for passwords.  VinTech offers electronic security solutions – not computer / cyber security services.  VinTech will never call, email or otherwise contact you to request your access ID, password or other login credentials.

This is a well-known type of phone scam.  These scams are also known as ‘cold calling’, sometimes involving scammers pretending to be technology or IT support.  The scammers claim to be able to fix the issue on the spot and are insisting ‘software’ be downloaded to your computer giving them remote control access to your computer.

Please be advised these phone calls are fraudulent.

If you have received a telephone call of this type and have given your details, please call the police immediately. Customers are advised to not provide any personal or financial information in response to unsolicited phone calls.

Contact VinTech through our general customer service line to verify if a call was from us.  VinTech does not make cold calls.

Watch out for scams. For your protection, never provide your social security or personal information to anyone you are not familiar with over the phone, never send money to another entity, and never pay using a payment account provided to you by an unknown individual.

If in doubt, do not provide any details.

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