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Gunfire in Our Backyard Captured on Our Surveillance Cameras

High Definition Surveillance: Security, Quality & Reliability

Have you ever heard the sound of gunfire in your neighborhood? Crime is not only in impoverished areas of Chicago but increasingly in upscale areas. A recent incident in Lakeview /Roscoe Village has put the neighborhood on edge.

An off duty Cook County Sheriff was walking in the 1900 block of W. Belmont, when two suspects approached and robbed him at gunpoint. One of the suspects fired a shot and the sheriff shot back, causing the suspects to run while still firing several more shots.

The following morning, our employee Miguel heard about the incident on the morning news and realizing this happened just feet away from VinTech, he checked our HD camera for video evidence. Every major news channel in Chicago stopped by our office for video coverage of the shooting.

To capture the shooting:

  •  We played-back the HD camera to find the approximate date & time of the incident.
  •  We identified images (gunshots) and zoomed in to capture a closer image.
  •  We downloaded the images onto a DVD, and provided this as evidence to police.

 Quality over Cost…

Our HD cameras are positioned nearly 300 ft. away from the incident and yet we were able to capture the chilling images of gunfire. High definition cameras provide some of the best resolutions in security surveillance today. The cost for HD surveillance is nearly 2/3 higher than a standard analog camera system, but the images in terms of quality have no comparison. Just take a look at the bottom images to get an idea of an HD Security System vs. an Analog System and judge for yourself, which one would you install? shooting

Why Every Detail Matters…

Like many businesses today, we understand the importance of safety & security and do what it necessary to protect our employees and property. With a High Definition Camera, the resolution is at least three times sharper than an analog CCTV camera. Higher resolution means more detail and more detail means more potential for identifying images. All CCTV can benefit from HD technology; typical locations for HD IP cameras include retail point of sale, banks, casinos, parking lots, building entrances and government facilities.

  1. General Surveillance – A single HD megapixel camera can replace several standard cameras. HD cameras are capable of covering large areas, giving you good clear coverage, with no loss of image.
  2. Forensic Detail – ideal for scenarios where identification and recording of faces, vehicle license plates or objects are essential.
  3. Digital PTZ – digitally zooms quicker and with greater detail than analog cameras while still recording the whole picture for analysis.
  4. Intelligence – triggered only when irregular movement is detected, thereby significantly reducing storage requirements.

Watch how VinTech’s HD camera captured the gunfire from a distance!

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