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5 Necessities to Make Your Parking Facility Secure

security camera in car parking of building

Do you feel safe when you walk alone to get your car at a parking garage? We always look for parking facilities where security cameras are in place with good lighting throughout. Not only are there tools and equipment inside our company’s vehicles, the safety of our team members are our top priority.

There’s a story of a college student whose car was vandalized in his university’s parking garage, where he is required to pay parking fees each semester to access the garage. When he shared his story via social media, other students with similar situations at the university joined him to start a petition to enforce the use of security cameras in the garage.

Read to find out how close he is to making this happen!

Security is one of the most critical issues affecting parking facilities owners and operators. Parking facilities are becoming a target for property crimes and violence. Many facilities are enclosed, with multiple levels and sloping ramps. They also have stairwells and elevators that invite crime, making parking garages difficult to monitor and maintain securely 24/7 for your occupants.

In order for a parking garage to be viable, it must provide a safe environment for its customers. How can you create a parking facility that is safe and secured for your guests?

Despite a garage or lots vulnerabilities, facility managers have an arsenal of security tools and design measures they can implement to create a safer parking environment.  Understanding the security needs of the parking facility is the first step in developing a design that will deter crime.

Parking Security increases safety, reduces crime, and protects your assets

Focus on these five strategies to protect occupants, their valuables, and your property.

Regular Maintenance

Many times disregarded, parking lot and garage upkeep is a very valuable security method.  Criminals may interpret an unkempt parking area as a sign that the property isn’t monitored. A poorly maintained lot or garage makes it easier to commit a crime because no one is monitoring suspicious activity. Janitorial duties like picking up trash, emptying garbage bins and trimming landscape should be performed routinely.

Keep it Well Lit

In addition to substantial lighting, using highly reflective paint on the interior of the building is another way to provide better security. It can open up the space and reflect natural and artificial light. Paint is also important for finding your way. Assigning a different color to each parking level allows vehicle owners to easily remember where they parked their car.

Surveillance Everywhere & For Everyone

High Definition Surveillance Cameras monitor and record drivers’ faces and license plate numbers as vehicles enter and exit a garage. Security cameras are also essential for use in stairwells and poorly lighted areas.

Provide Call for Help

Placing call boxes and intercom systems within the garage is beneficial in emergency situations. They provide an instant connection to help if there is a security or medical situation or if the vehicle owner has car trouble and needs assistance. A call box with a visual signal draws extra attention to the area to help discourage criminals.

Managing several properties can be overwhelming but securing a multi-unit condo or high rise is nothing in comparison to what it takes to secure a parking establishment that will possibly house 900+ vehicles.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 20 percent of all auto accidents happen in commercial parking lots. Although parking lot accidents are usually just property damage, there are those occasions when injuries and even death occur.

Premises Liability: Property Owners of Parking Lots may be liable for any accident.

A property owner is responsible for proper maintenance and upkeep of the property including designated parking areas.  A property owner’s liability extends to any defects on his property which are a cause of injuries, including slippery stairwells, unsafe elevators and improper installation of safety barriers. By securing your Parking Facility, you’re welcoming and attracting more customers, giving them peace of mind while their safety and vehicle are well protected.


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