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7 Truths about Construction Security


We work with developers and owners on their construction projects. Most of them contact us after something bad has happened.

For your current or upcoming construction project, did you set aside a security budget for the property?

Do you know the cost of not having proper security for your construction site?

Most people don’t, and that’s because most people don’t understand the importance of protecting valuable equipment, reducing potential theft and preventing vandalism at a construction site. A security budget will guarantee a safe site for the duration of your project.

It has been estimated that the cost of construction theft and vandalism is $1 billion a year and has been increasing 10 percent since 1996. (Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau and Associated General Contractors of America) An unsecured & unprotected site becomes a shopping ground for common thieves.

With rising fees paid by recyclers for copper, the theft of copper wiring and pipe has become the most lucrative item for construction thieves. Keep in mind that thieves are not considerate about damage they cause – just to get to copper wiring and pipes, they will slash drywall and cause damage to furnaces & air conditioners.A thief will cause $25,000 in property damage to walk away with $200 worth of copper, leaving you with additional expenses.

Here are seven strategies every owner, contractor and insurance company must know to protect and secure a construction site….

  1. Sufficient lighting during off hours – Burglars work mostly at night, they look for dark sites to burglarize & vandalize. Late night & weekends are the most common times thieves strike construction sites. Making sure there is plenty of lighting on the job site makes it difficult for a thief. Adding motion sensor lighting will help keep your site secure.
  2. Mark, Record & Photograph Your Equipment – Engrave your driver’s license number in (2) places – 1 hidden and 1 noticeable, this is a number that’s tracked in all 50 states. If a burglary does take place, this information is vital in providing information to the authorities and insurance companies.
  3. Proper Signage- If cameras are onsite, a sign displaying “Cameras on Premises” can be a warning, preventing the thief from stepping foot on the site. Consider using “No trespassing” signs to prevent trespassing, vandalism, theft and protection from liabilities that may occur on your construction site.
  4. Security Cameras (Go with High Definition) – Keeping your property under surveillance can be cost effective and a great deterrent to intruders. Monitoring work sites can also capture unsafe working conditions or accidents. With today’s technology, you can be notified when someone is approaching the perimeter.
  5. Adequate Access Control- Contractors can add extra levels of security by monitoring who enters and exits their sites. Change padlocks on gates and around the site several times during construction. You never know who or how many people have keys. Use a chain link fence to secure the perimeter of the site.Walk the perimeter of the property and check for breaches where someone could access the site.Make sure all gates are locked before leaving the site.Use a high quality and reputable security company.
  6. Watch Team- Reach out to your neighbors and let them know you are working on a project in the area. Ask them to keep their eyes open for any suspicious activity. Stay vigilant by working with your local police department to prevent theft, vandalism, and trespassers on your job site. Let the contractors and subcontractors know that the big boss is paying attention.
  7. Protect it with proven technology! – Some construction locations don’t have electricity on site or it’s hard to get power to secure the perimeter. In this case, we recommend wireless equipment that can protect your property when power is unavailable. Video Verification Alarm Systems provide security when no electricity is present. When triggered by motion, the alarm sounds a loud siren & captures the image of the trespasser. Police will be dispatched immediately once an intruder/trespasser is verified.

Take a look at our recent case study of a 2.5 acre home under construction. The developers contacted us for a solution to the persistent vandalism and trespassing they were experiencing. After investing money in board ups and fencing ranging from $500 – $2,500, they concluded it was costing them more money to keep replacing fencing than actually protecting the property. After completing a site survey, we customized a security package to cover all areas of concern & secure the premises. Check out the video below to witness how a Video Verification Alarm has kept this home safe and free from theft, vandalism, and trespassers. The trespassers/intruders were literally scared away once the siren was activated.

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