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Protecting from Vandalism – A True Story from our Team

It’s the time of the year to appreciate the blessings that we have. In addition to thanking you, our clients, for their loyal support, we are thankful to have a great team to work with.

One of our newest team members, Blanca Castillo, has shared with us what she thinks about her experience with us. She said she wanted to be a cop/detective, but due to personal reasons, she had to give up her dream. However, she found her role with us, and can fulfill what she wanted to do. Let’s see what she says:

How many times a day do you hear about crime in Chicago? Well in my profession I hear it daily.

Visitors from the local school nearby who asked us security questions and how we helped our clients.

Visitors from the local school nearby who asked us security questions and how we helped our clients.

From violent crimes, property vandalism to burglary and theft, we hear them all. Providing security for a peaceful life is more challenging than it actually sounds. Having to create or customize a solution for the type of property you own is not always an easy task. It takes experience, knowledge and most of all, dedication. When I address our clients needs, I make sure I listen to all their concerns and thoughts. Understanding exactly what they want is key to giving them the service they really need.

Check out a recent experience with a client dealing with vandalism in his multi-million dollar home.

I received a call from a client that asked me what kind of security we offered for vacant homes. He was currently working on a home that he was finalizing for an auction. This particular home happens to be one of the largest homes in Illinois (I did not know that at the time).

His concern was the vandalism that was occurring in the home, constant break-ins and many trespassers after hours, damaging the property. I explained to him customized service we offer for vacant homes with no electricity, that would be perfect for what he needed. Our system would notify him immediately once the cameras detect a trespasser, not requiring any kind of power.

We installed 10 motion viewers for him that surround the entire home’s proximity, making it very difficult for intruders to pass and not be seen by the cameras. On the first night the system was installed the client received 15 notifications of intrusion on his property. Our system was enabled with sirens, and every time motion was captured as far as 30 ft from the viewer, the alarm siren would go off and scare off the trespassers.

I still remember talking to him about this set up; he joked about how he kept playing back all the clips of the intruders running off his property, causing him amusement.

Providing our clients a secure solution that did exactly what they wanted gives me peace of mind. We don’t always get the sale, but being able to provide a well given solution for your security needs is a rewarding feeling. I love what we do here at VinTech and I have a passion to offer security for a peaceful life!


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