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5 Questions To Determine If Virtual Guard Is Right For Your Property

5 Questions to Determine if Virtual Guard is Right for your Property

We receive many calls from owners of commercial lots inquiring about solutions for protecting wide open areas and valuable materials from vandalism and theft. Their coverage timelines range from short-term to long-term. Owners tend to hire security guards or patrol services, but that doesn’t always work. A survey for the Chartered Institute of building showed that 92% of their respondents in the construction industry are affected regularly by theft. Most owners are aware of this issue but their decision is likely to be affected by the cost of security. You might ask: How can I secure all these bases effectively without breaking the bank?

As security experts, VinTech systems found that virtual guard is the best service match to cover these needs. Today, we are answering the top five questions relating to virtual guard which might be the solution you were looking for.  

  1. Who is currently using the service? Construction sites, commercial buildings, auto dealerships, warehouses, museums, schools and campuses and other places with open areas.
  2. Why is Virtual Guard an ideal solution for these places? Virtual Guard has a camera system that covers wide areas, cameras are motion activated and send a signal to a live operator. There is no need to patrol the area or stay awake in front of a monitor.
  3. What are my service options? Options can be tailored to individual needs but there are two main choices. Option one: when motion is detected, the signal is sent to an operator who will check the video. If there is an intruder, the operator will ask the person to leave through an onsite speaker. Option Two, when the sensor is triggered, an automated voice message will ask the individual to leave the area. In both cases, if the person doesn’t leave a local police officer or a security Guard will be immediately dispatched to the site.
  4. What is the cost difference between a Security guard a Virtual Guard? A security guard is compensated between $25,000-30,000 a year in IL to work 40 hours per week. Compared to 24 hours of Virtual Guard a business will have to hire three employees costing anywhere from 75,000-90,000 dollars a year. When using Virtual Guard, this cost can be reduced significantly.  
  5. How soon after installation will I be protected? In 24 hours or less the account will be activated.

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