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The Crash and Smash Attack is Defeatable

Whichever where the reasons that rose your interest to click on this reading, we can assure you, you’re not alone. The Crash and Smash Attack is a popular issue that is also often discussed within the security industry. What does this term mainly refer to? The term “crash” makes reference to the forceful entry of an intruder through a main door. And the word “smash” describes the physical action of shattering the alarm panel.
The success of the Crash and Smash lies on destroying the alarm panel, cutting the wires, or both, before the 30-60 seconds a user has to disable the signal and consequently cause the alarm to lose connection with the monitoring company. You might be thinking, is it just that easy? Yes! Since an alarm system is not able to difference whether you have entered the home or an intruder breaking in, once the alarm panel has been smashed and the wires cut, the connection basically dies.
What is the solution?
VinTech System believes that three essential steps, when combined, prove to be highly effective. The first involves an innovative system, the second implementation of daily routine procedures, and the third good communication with your alarm company.
A high-tech wireless alarm system communicates with the monitoring company via a cell phone signal. Since all communication is wireless, even when an intruder destroys the panel, the alarm is not deactivated. The monitoring company will follow routine procedure- call the user, confirm it is not a false alarm, and depatched the police if the security code is not confirmed. Wireless systems also have wire com-free components or sensors that can be placed throughout your home. These are also connected to the alarm and trigger signals that reach the monitoring station.
Did you know that almost 30% of burglars enter through an unlocked door or window? This fact often surprises residents, especially those who live in or close to the City of Chicago, where most people say to know better than leaving their doors open. However, if you are like most people who live a busy life, you might want to set up a reminder on your phone to remind you about the windows. The reminder will help you to take action every day until it becomes routine. This is important because if you did not place an alarm sensor near each window, an intruder may come in through an unsecured window and the alarm won’t  be triggered.
If you change your phone number or want to add or take off a number from your emergency list, make sure that you call your security company to make updates as soon as possible. Not having the most updated information also interrupts communication, produces false alarms where police is despatched to a non-emergency, and hinders the ability to effectively provide a service.
Acquiring a wireless system is an excellent tactic, that along with physical preventive measures, is effective to defeat the Crash and Smash Attack. When the police arrives and apprehends the burglar, they’ll know you’ve done your homework.
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