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Why is it Important to Have Security Cameras for your Property?

Opening the doors of your home or business to find that you have been robbed can be very unsettling. Even when you have insurance, you wish that those who are responsible are caught. This was the case of LG Bar, a business located in the neighborhood of Old Town in Chicago that was robbed overnight this past spring. Although their camera system was not able to stop the crime, it recorded clear imagery of the intruders’ faces, clothing, and special characteristics like detailed tattoos. All useful evidence that was provided to Chicago police. way/ More than ever before, crimes are being solved with the help of technology, social media, and security cameras. If you are thinking about getting a camera system for your residence or business, here are some of the benefits you can expect.
  1. Help Deter Crime. Have you seen “the wall of shame” or printed photos of thieves that some businesses post on their walls? These photos serve the purpose of exposing criminals and reduce the probability they will come back. Similarly, security cameras work to intimidate thieves. Even when cameras are placed discretely, you and your property will begin to feel more secure soon after they are installed. With that being said, security cameras can help you prevent crime but they do not stop it. You should not neglect the basic security measures you already take: locking doors, reporting suspicious activity, or activating your alarm system overnight.
  2. Increase the Security of your Community. Americans have been participating in block watch programs for decades by keeping an “eye” on things around their neighborhood. In those times, it was common to both complain about that nosy neighbor and be thankful at the same time for having someone to guard your block for free. Nowadays, these community programs have evolve and rely more on technology. Take for example, the suburb of Hindsdale, IL. Their neighborhood watch asks residents to register their outdoor home cameras with their program Block Watch. The success of the program is reflected in their quality of life as they are ranked safer than 81% of U.S cities. In a sense, security cameras have become the new community “eye” that keeps watch 24/7. In addition, today’s security cameras are high definition. Footage from your camera system can enable you to help speed the process to solve crimes affecting your community.
  3. Refute Fabricated Claims From time to time, businesses have to deal with incorrect claims. Whether its a misunderstanding or a person who is motivated by wrong reasons, evidence from a security camera is irrefutable.
  4. A reliable Witness When settling disputes, eye witnesses might forget important details or may unintentionally change a suspect’s description, time, or even the date of the crime once time has passed. With a security camera, police can collect images and process them using face recognition. They can create an exact timeline of events (using date and time from footage) to help them gather evidence to present in court if needed.
  5. Monitor Activity If your business or property is experiencing inexplicable loses, monitoring can help you find an explanation. Trust between you and your neighbors and/or your employees is important. It would be a terrible idea to accuse someone without evidence. Even when a neighbor or an employee claims to have seen another person doing something, its not granted. A security camera can give you the response you need and help you make a more informed decision. You should also respect and take the privacy of your neighbors and/or employees seriously. If you decide to have cameras in your business, you can explain to your employees that these are there for their protection and not to micromanage their every move. You might also want to monitor the activity outside your home or office. It is never a bad idea to check if someone suspicious is walking the same paths you walk everyday. A security camera system can empower you, protect your assets, and keep you safe by deterring crime from your community. Want to read more on the this topic? Read our blog. Security Cameras: Top 5 Reasons You Need Them Now.
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