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Security Driver Houston

Security Driver Houston

Thankfully, most security drivers will likely never experience a high confrontation situation because of the person they are transporting. However, if a situation did manifest, it's good to know that GPI Defense security drivers are trained and equipped to handle the threat, using appropriate measures. There are a number of goods and individuals that are vulnerable to attack and should hire a security driver in Houston, rather than employing an ordinary chauffeur. Indeed, a chauffeur does not have the tactical training and resources that security drivers have.

Should I Hire a Security Driver in Houston?

You don't have to be a wealthy celebrity to require security driving, although local and visiting celebrities often employ GPI Defense's driving services. Executives, high-profile individuals, and even politicians often require protective security driving in Houston, as do people who are transporting money or other esteemed valuables. While Houston is a great place to live and visit, there are large criminal elements in our city, and a security driver is an important layer in your security detail.

How We Train Our Security Drivers

When GPI Defense trains its security agents to perform security driving services, we begin by training them the core driving skills that are required for the job. This includes basic driving skills like J turns, Y turns, and how to spin the car around. We then train our security drivers for advanced tactical driving situations. GPI Defense security drivers are required to be comfortable in the vehicles that they operate, and advanced driving skills only come with practice. Therefore, you can rest assured that your driver has had lots of practice before getting behind the wheel for you!

Security Driving is Much More than Tactical Driving

From the time a high-profile individual enters a vehicle, throughout the ride, until they are safely delivered to their destination, GPI Defense drivers are responsible for their security, comfort, and overall well-being. If drivers have an understanding that no one is going to make the best decisions instantly in a stressful situation, we can open people's eyes and give them an idea about what options they have. Then, they will be prepared should a day arrive when they need to be prepared.

GPI Defense security drivers do much more than provide defensive and evasive driving skills if needed. For example, our security drivers also provide foot patrol and surveillance. We thoroughly inspect vehicles to make sure that they are safe to operate, and our security drivers can initiate vehicle maintenance if needed. GPI Defense makes sure that operational vehicles are clean in appearance and performing optimally. Further, we can use our security-grade vehicles, your vehicles, or a third-party vehicle.

Hire a Security Driver in Houston from GPI Defense

At GPI Defense, all of our security drivers are trained and vetted extensively. Our drivers possess a broad skillset of defensive and evasive driving, automobile safety inspections, surveillance, maintenance, and foot patrol service. Additionally, our security drivers always maintain an air of professionalism.

Security Driver Houston
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Security Driver Houston Security Driver Houston Security Driver Houston
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