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GO GREEN! LED Lighting and Other Initiatives

Going GREEN is crucial in helping to protect our Earth. I’m very happy to be in the business of providing professional security services to homeowners and businesses, and as a passionate, GREEN advocate, the idea of being able to combine GREEN and protective services together is really exciting to me!

Our current GREEN initiative is LED lighting. While many businesses and residents have begun using LED products, there may be some questions and myths surrounding this topic.

LED Facts

  • For instance, did you know that legislation will mandate that lighting manufacturers cease the production of non-efficient lighting and related products, which will change the way facilities consume energy and maintain lighting, by 2012? This could mean retrofitting costs and adaption.

  • While LED lighting is more costly than its inefficient counterparts at the onset of installation, the return over time can be significant. Not only can your business experience the cost savings that come with reducing energy consumption, productivity levels may also increase as you will no longer have to address lighting maintenance as frequently due to the longer lifespan of LED replacement bulbs.

  • Their extremely long lifespan can, in fact, range from 12 to 26 years in an office environment and approximately 6 years when on 24/7.
  • LED are also very energy efficient, ranging from 44 to 70% more energy efficient than comparable fluorescent bulbs and more than 87% energy savings compared to incandescent.
  • LED are safer than flourescents, as they are impact and shock resistant, contain no glass, no UV-A or UV-B radiation and are cool to the touch. LEDs are also 100% recyclable since they contain NO toxic mercury.

Countries, corporations, & small companies, like VinTech, are trying to curb ever-rising emissions of climate-changing pollution, which last week scientists said have reached record levels of concentration in the atmosphere.

You may have noticed horrifying, natural disasters around the world, but what you should be aware of, is only in the last 18 months, Russia has lost 13.3 million acres of crops, or about 17 percent of its production, due to a months-long heat wave. Drought in the Horn of Africa has killed 60 percent of Ethiopia’s cattle and 40 percent of its sheep. Floods in September have raised the price of rice by 25 percent in Thailand and 30 percent in Vietnam. And how can we forget the disaster in Japan this year?

Global warming is increasing the frequency of droughts and floods, and could create a catastrophic rise of sea levels if mountain and Arctic glaciers continue to rapidly melt. These weather extremes have caused devastating impacts already – one of the greatest threats being food supplies. Because of these unusual weather disasters, farming conditions have been unpredictable and are driving up food prices. (We are currently helping those that are hungry. “Like” VinTech on Facebook, and we will donate $1.00 to the Chicago Food Depository in your honor for every “Like”.)

We are really happy to be part of the prevention and conservation, not only through our daily practices, but even helping our clients to go GREEN, save money and energy at the same time!

Call us now at 773-388-1208 to see how VinTech can walk you through GREEN initiatives. Let us identify the magnitude of potential savings simply by receiving a free consultation and simple analysis. We will lay out a plan, and execute the installation for you!

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