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Burglar Alarm Monitoring
Burglary or home invasion is one of the most common security threats - you should be prepared.
Primary Benefits of Burglar Alarm Monitoring:
  • Protection For Your Investment – When buying a new home or setting up a new business, protection should be your first concern. To protect your valuables is often a reason to install a burglar alarm system, but burglar alarms can also protect you. In an attempt of a brake in your alarm can scare away intruders and prevent a robbery or invasion.
  • Remote Access– Our technology allows you to monitor your home or business remotely, even when you’re not there. Having the ability to arm and disarm from your mobile device allows you to conveniently secure your property. Remote access also allows you to control thermostats and light to help with your energy management and reduce your electric bill.
  • Discounted Insurance Premium – Having a burglar alarm system can lower your homeowners insurance by up to 20%, giving you savings and security all-in-one!
Why VinTech Burglar Alarm Monitoring?

With our local monitoring station Emergency 24 we can provide your security 24/7/365 giving you the peace of mind you need.

Adding a VinTech security system to your property will keep you protected against tragic scenarios, like you hear on the news. Don’t wait until something bad happens to make a decision – protect your family, your property, and your belongings today for a peaceful mind, everyday.

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