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Video Verification Alarm
A Video Verification Alarm provides security where a standard security solution is not an option.
Primary Benefits of a Video Verification Alarm:
  • Secure Your Site, Even With The “Three No’s”- No power? No phone line? No internet? A standard security alarm system would not be feasible under these conditions. A Video Verification Alarms provides security, even under extreme conditions.
  • Construction Site Protection – Approximately 90% of theft in vacant properties involves copper wiring or plumbing materials. A modern construction site is a gold-mine for a thief.
  • Security In Any Weather – Regardless of environmental conditions, Video Verification Alarms secures your site. In Chicago, weather can be unpredictable, but Video Verification Alarms are specially designed for outdoor use, even under harsh weather conditions.
  • Police Response – A Video Verification Alarm is the priority response verification for police, therefore a Video Verification Alarm can help to ensure that police respond quickly to a burglary.
Why use a VinTech Video Verification Alarm?

A VinTech Video Verification Alarm has a video motion sensor that detects the motion of a possible intruder and records a 10 second video, which is instantly sent over to the monitoring station for verification.

The Video Verification Alarm signals are verified by a trained operator to prevent false alarms in an outside environment, even where weather and animals can be a concern to the sensitivity of the motion sensors. Once the trained operator verifies that it’s a real intruder, they will call law enforcement immediately.

At VinTech, we have customized Video Verification Solutions for a wide variety of properties, including construction sites, vacant facilities, open lots, backyards, and rehabbed homes.

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