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Video Verification Alarm
A Video Verification Alarm provides security where a standard security solution is not an option.
Primary Benefits of a Video Verification Alarm:
  • Flexible Security – No power? No phone line? No internet? A standard security alarm system would not be feasible under these conditions. A Video Verification Alarm provides security even with the ‘three no’s and under extreme weather conditions.
  • Weatherproof Security – Environmental conditions can damage certain security systems. Unlike other systems, video verification alarms are designed for outdoor use even under harsh weather. These systems are especially useful in Chicago where the weather is unpredictable.
  • Less false alarms – Because video alarms are monitored, it’s possible to identify false alarms. Accurate alarms are sent to police who will then prioritize these calls because they have been verified. Indeed, verified alarms ensure timely police response to a burglary.
  • Construction Site Protection Construction sites have their own security challenges. Approximately 90% of theft in vacant properties involves copper wiring or plumbing materials. This is why a modern construction site is like a gold-mine for a thief. A video alarm can help you protect your site when other solutions aren’t reliable.
Why use a VinTech Video Verification Alarm?

A VinTech Video Alarm has a motion sensor. This sensor detects movement and starts recording in periods of 10 seconds. If an intruder or any other being is captured by the sensor, footage is instantly sent over to the monitoring station for verification. A trained operator will then alarm signals to prevent false alarms. Even when weather and animals trigger the sensitivity of motion sensors, you can feel confident that every alarm is being monitored. Once the trained operator verifies a real threat, they will call law enforcement immediately.


At VinTech, we have customized Video Verification Solutions for a variety of properties. We have experience working with construction sites, vacant facilities, open lots, backyards, and rehabbed homes.

video verification alarm
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