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Telephone Entry System
A Telephone Entry System lets you conveniently allow your visitors access to your building from wherever you might be.
Primary Benefits of a Telephone Entry System:
  • Remote Entry Control – Keep your property secure, with the ability to screen your visitors before you even open the door. Allow entry for guests, deliveries, and even maintenance crew. Authorize entry to your property, even if you can’t be there.
  • Convenience – Worry less about needing to be on-site for a visitor. A Telephone Entry System frees up the time that you would typically spend commuting to your property to let visitors into your building.
  • Modernize Your Property – Outdated intercom systems are difficult to service, and inconvenient for visitors. Telephone Entry Systems are the new, modern technology to allow access to your property and are easy to maintain.
Why use a VinTech Telephone Entry System?

VinTech specializes in installing Telephone Entry Systems for a wide variety of properties, including condominium complexes, gated communities, apartment buildings, and office buildings.

VinTech utilizes top-tier technology for our Telephone Entry Systems, including the ability to program a designated phone number. This allows you to communicate directly with your visitors, where you can either allow or deny entrance with a touch of a button. When guests are at the door, they simply press the button on the keypad; it will dial the preprogrammed phone number.

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