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Cloud Surveillance

Cloud Video Surveillance is more than cloud storage. Discover why switching to this service is a great option.

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Primary Benefits of Cloud Surveillance:
  • Footage Back up – Store locally recorded video to the cloud to reduce the risk of losing footage if traditional equipment gets damaged.
  • Unlimited Notifications – With monitoring service, receive an alert if there’s a problem with storage or recording. Additionally, connect motion and environment sensors, door/window contacts, and air quality to receive notifications from all these wireless devices.
  • Increase Storage Capacity – Traditional systems have limited storage capacity and may overwrite previous footage. With cloud, storage duration and capacity can be upgraded.
  • Multi-user permissions – Grant access to footage with multi-user permissions.
  • Remote Viewing – Watch live feed and recorded video directly from your smartphone and manage all your locations, mapping, and AI features for facial and license plate recognition. ALL INCLUDED!
Why VinTech Cloud Surveillance?
  • VinTech Systems offers the most advanced video storage solutions on the market.
  • We listen to you and create a plan to help you achieve your security goals. By understanding your specific concerns, we’re able to offer solutions to addresses those unique needs.
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