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High Definition Video Surveillance Solutions

VinTech's Video Surveillance Solutions allow you to monitor your property anywhere, anytime.

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Primary Benefits of High Definition Video Surveillance:
  • Superior Image Quality – High Definition Video Surveillance is the best method to capture details such as face recognition and license plates. This is why we only utilize high definition equipment to ensure the best video quality.
  • Wider Coverage, Fewer Cameras – A single HD security camera can cover the same area that would require four analog cameras. Equally important, high definition video surveillance is not only cost-effective but provides clear footage.  In case of an incident, this footage can be used as evidence.
  • Remote Viewing – You can access your video feed directly from your mobile device. With the remote access App, you have access to your security system at your fingertips. Hence, from anywhere and at any time, this user-friendly app allows you to view your cameras remotely.


Why VinTech Video Surveillance Solutions?
  • With 18 years of experience in video surveillance systems, we’ve learned which system works in each particular environment.
  • VinTech Systems offers top-tier high definition video technology. Equally important, we work with the most advanced video solutions on the market.
  • We listen to you and create a plan to help you achieve your security goals. By understanding your security issues and specific concerns, we’re able to conduct a site survey that addresses those unique needs.
  • VinTech creates a customized video surveillance solution based on your budget. Additionally, we narrow our recommendations to deliver cost-effective or premium services depending on the project’s requirements.
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