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Markets We Serve
Public Footage
Public Footage
Condominium Complexes

VinTech has experience working with complexes ranging from high-rise condos to multi-complex building.

Creepy Footage
Creepy Footage
Property Management

VinTech works with professional management firms to provide their clients with customized security solutions.

Security Camera
Security Camera
Parking/Public Facilities

VinTech works with federal and local municipalities to secure their local offices and facilities.

Construction Sites/Vacant Properties

VinTech provides construction site security to prevent copper theft, vandalism, and trespassing.

Non-Profit Organizations

VinTech appreciates the contributions non-profits make to our communities, therefore, we offer non-profit discounts to make security an affordable option.

Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance

VinTech has experience in the specific security requirements of the hospitality industry.

Alarm System
Alarm Monitoring System
Alarm SystemAlarm Monitoring System
Commercial Businesses

VinTech commercial business solutions include customized security tailored to manufacturing, retail, restaurants, gas stations, warehouses, distribution centers, and professional offices.

Residential Homes

VinTech offers cost-effective security solutions to keep your family safe.

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