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Access Control
An Access Control System allows you to determine who can enter and exit your facility, even when you’re not on-site.
access control
Primary Benefits of Access Control:
  • Crime Prevention – Electronic Access Control Systems create a barrier between your building and a burglar. It allows you to control who enters and leaves your building and at which times. Truly, an access control system will provide peace of mind to you and your building’s tenants.
  • Remote Access – Access Control Systems are an essential security tool to support your building’s daily operations. It provides easy access to tenants, maintenance crew, and outside contractors. This is why controlling your access control system remotely is helpful. You can easily provide entry to a locked site even when you’re not physically there.
  • No Keys Needed – Lost or stolen keys create a breach in your physical security. Additionally, replacing padlocks is not only expensive but inconvenient. Unlike traditional keys, access control key fobs/cards can be quickly and easily replaced. With a simple click, you have the option to immediately remove cards from the database.
Why VinTech Access Control?

At some companies, their out-of-the-box Access Control solution can be extremely cost prohibitive. At VinTech, we take the time to assess your specific requirements and build a system that fits your needs. Furthermore, we do our best to deploy an Access Control solution that’s tailored to your budget.

Whether you need key cards, key fobs, or touchless security, we can create a customized solution for you. We prioritize every job regardless of how many locations and doors need to be secured.

access control
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