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High Definition Video Surveillance

VinTech Systems keeps your property secured with High Definition video surveillance. Let it be your eyes anywhere/anytime.

Burglar Alarm Monitoring

Protect your valuable assets 24/7/ with our local monitoring station. Remote control right at your fingertips!

Access Control Systems

Are you still using keys? Keyless Entry is the latest technology – it’s reliable, easy to use, and simple to control!

Construction Site Security

No power, phoneline, or internet? We have the perfect solution. Our services are designed to monitor your project from beginning to end.

Security You Can Trust

VinTech Systems is committed to protect your family, business, and investments.

Maintenance Services

Security systems run 24/7/365. It’s proven that the best way to extend the life of your security system is to perform regular maintenance. Furthermore, preventative services help optimize the performance of your system. This is especially important with outdoor equipment that is exposed to extreme weather.

emergency call box in hallway

Emergency Call Boxes

How do you provide security to a parking lot or large isolated area? Installing Emergency Call Boxes offers direct connection to an operator or dispatcher in the event of an emergency.

Mobile Control

Do you ever forget to arm your alarm system or lower your thermostat? With remote access, you can control these devices with a simple click from your mobile app. Remote control right at your fingertips indeed!

Wireless Services

Do you feel safe in your neighborhood? Is your community secure? Wireless Surveillance Solutions are perfect for large areas, residential buildings, and commercial complexes. This cost-effective solution allows management to monitor multiple buildings at once. Additionally, wireless systems eliminate the hassle of wiring. This is the ideal solution to save you time and money.

Telephone entry system

Telephone Entry System

Can you imagine opening your front door right from your mobile phone? A Telephone Entry System enables you to give access without stepping out of your door.

Remote Technical Support

Having issues managing your security system? VinTech Security Systems offers unique remote services to provide immediate support, when you need it the most.

Case Study: Chinatown

Customized security for one of Chicago’s high-traffic neighborhoods.

The Chicago Chinatown neighborhood receives a large influx of people arriving by car and public transportation daily. While the neighborhood is considered relatively safe, community leaders had been discussing the ongoing security of their residents, businesses, and tourists.

In association with the Chicago Chinatown Chamber of commerce and CPD, VinTech systems was hired to determine key locations throughout the district to install 18 additional security cameras.

Security for a Peaceful Life


For over 18 years VinTech Systems has worked hard to earn our clients trust. We’ve established relationships and built confidence for our clients. Additionally, our team members have proven their reliability and trustworthiness to our company giving us confidence in a our team!


VinTech Systems began as one-person operation. Watching our business grow from a solo entrepreneurial endeavor to a company supporting thousands of organizations has been a true pleasure. We are confident that our company’s growth has been from all the support, trust, and loyalty our clients have shown us. We sincerely appreciate our loyal clients!


Protection is the fundamental basis of our business. Equally important, we believe that security and peace of mind are essential needs for a high quality of life. Because we understand how important is your protection, we customize and install a security system that addresses all your concerns. We design the security system you’ll need for any situation.


Happiness is very important to our company. A positive work environment produces happy staff. Moreover, good communication with our team is critical. By cultivating a positive atmosphere for our team, we ensure that our clients are happily served.


We believe that being eco-friendly is one of the best ways to protect not only our home and business – but also the Earth.


As a licensed company, we perform background checks on every new employee. Honesty and strong moral principles are key for every member of our team. Similarly, good character results in great work ethic. We believe honesty is the key to success.

Happy clients, Happy us.

Read our client reviews about their experience with us.

Who do we serve?

We work well with all sorts of businesses, including:

Construction Sites/Vacant Properties

VinTech Systems provides construction site security to prevent copper theft, vandalism, and trespassing.

Government Facilities

Our company works with federal and local municipalities to secure their offices and facilities.

Condominium Complexes

We help complexes ranging from high-rise condos to multi-complex buildings secure their properties.

Property Management

VinTech works with professional management firms to provide their clients customized security solutions.

Non-Profit Organizations

VinTech appreciates the contributions non-profits make to our communities. Therefore, we offer non-profit discounts to make security an affordable option.


Our company follows the specific security requirements of the hospitality industry.

Commercial Businesses

Our commercial business solutions include security tailored to manufacturing, retail, restaurants, gas stations, warehouses, distribution centers, and professional offices.

Residential Homes

VinTech offers cost-effective security solutions to keep your family safe.

Choose VinTech Systems

Don’t settle for any company when it comes to safety and security. Choose our company that has a proven track record of success!


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